Zabbix3 packages for turris

I thought that it could be used by more people so I've compiled Zabbix 3 packages for Turris and created a repository. Packages are ucified. They are compiled with support for openssl. See below.
I got them from the project beesip. If you have openwrt buildroot, you can use beesip packages and comile for your device.
Installation for turris (and probably other ppc architecture) is very simple. Just be careful because before installing zabbix3 packages need to uninstall the old zabbix packages. Just add it to /etc/opkg.conf:
src zabbix3

Backup your /etc/zabbix* conf and delete it. Following packages requires their own configs to work with UCI. Then

opkg update
opkg remove zabbix-agentd zabbix-extra-extra-owrt zabbix zabbix-network-extra-extra-mac80211 zabbix-wifi
opkg install zabbix3-agentd zabbix3-extra-extra-owrt zabbix3-network zabbix3-extra-extra-mac80211 zabbix3-wifi


and if you want even zabbix proxy:
opkg install zabbix3-proxy


Why are Zabbix 3 packages so interesting? Basicaly, it can handle protocol encryption. And next, you can use uci to configure all oprions.
More configuration and documentation in the / etc / config / zabbix *
All daemons in OpenWrt has one bug. They run only once. After killing it will not run again, only after reboot. It has to do with some non-cleanup of semaphores. If abybody has solutions, please let me know.

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